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Your Weight Is Not Who You Are

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Your weight Is Not Who You Are




Fats, sugars, ice-cream and chips,


sweet, lollies, chocolates and dips.


This food; it enters my mouth via my lips,


slides down my throat before it ends up on my hips.


My weight grows larger after every bite,


I will it to stop; I try and take up the fight.


I’ve been on diets and reduced my calories,


I’ve eaten only soup, cabbage and celery.



But the weight never changes, never moves or drops,


my weight only goes up, grows out and never stops.


Exercise, Exercise, I hear you say,


you need to burn those calories every day.


By running, jogging, swimming and gym,


getting up of the chair and moving those limbs.



But it is hard when you don’t see results,


when people stare at you and throw you insults.


It messes with your brain and reduces your self esteem,


it drives you to eat and punish yourself with extra ice- cream.



You must not give in, you must persevere,


the fight does get easier when you fight your fear,


that weight loss is more than your body losing weight,


that weight loss starts with your thoughts your beliefs and your fate.



So fill your mind with positive phrases,


Things like “I can lose weight, I am strong and my body is amazing”


Do this each and every day,


combine it with exercise and you will find your way,


to the weight you desire and have always wished,


The weight you want the weight you once dismissed.



In conclusion, I just want to say,


that you are worthwhile you are Ok.


Your weight doesn’t control who you are,


it is your thoughts, your actions, your words that star,


and guide you through this maze called life,


by choosing your path, your meaning, your friends, husband or wife.

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