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Why Do I Get So Angry?

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Why Am I So Angry?






It starts down low

in a place that I hate to go

and builds up quickly to rage

that often corners me against a cage.

The feelings inside me are strong

and at times, I question where this anger belongs.



Why Do I Get So Angry?



The pain I feel

at times doesn’t seem real.

But I know that it’s real as it is felt by others,

because I see the grief in the face of my mother and brothers.



Why Do I Get So Angry?



It may be time to change the way that I feel

seek advice, ask for help and try to heal.

They say exercise and venting your pain in a positive way

curbs you lashing out and helps keep those angry feelings at bay.

Just remember that every fleeting moment requires a choice to be made

choose wisely as your actions have impact on the way that you are eventually portrayed.



Why Do I Get So Angry?



Don’t let obstacles or challenges stand in your way

fight every moment with passion to ensure that you don’t stray.

I won’t deny that at times your anger may win.

it is these times that you must persevere till those feelings grow thin.

In closing you are more than your feelings inside

your strength, your passion, your conviction will always show you the bright side.


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