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What does it take to be successful?

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What does it take to be successful?




What is it going to take,

to shift a thought, a feeling I make.

To be successful and not think like everybody else

to forge ahead and create my own wealth?


It is hard I hear you say out loud,

to think unlike the rest of the crowd.

But think I must for life goes fast,

before I know it, time has passed.


Don’t whinge, complain and pass the buck,

stand up, be counted it is time to instruct.

Search deep and wide and look within,

I know I have the talents, the skills and the desire to win.


This road to success can be lonely and often tough,

for some of the choices I make are often not good enough.

But that is OK as I will learn from my mistakes,

so next time my choices will give me a break.


To achieve success I must not follow,

I must forge my own path and never wallow

In the failures and the mistakes that I will make,

instead rejoice when I have big breaks.

My success will happen and my dreams will come true,

hard work will be rewarded and my legacy will be passed down to you.

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