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The Sting Words Can Cause

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The Sting Words Can Cause




Up, down, forward and back,

my mind never stops, never stays on track.

Thoughts rush forward like a wave in the sea,

hit my mouth with gusto, like leaves dropping from the tree.



I wish I could control the words that I say,

cuz they create many problems; every single day.

My girlfriend complains that my mouth is loose,

that I am aggressive and prone to abuse,

I argue that its honesty and that I am not obtuse.

She states that my words offend and cause her much pain,

that my words are like daggers, piercing holes in her brain.





I have tried to refrain from that words that I say,

control the thoughts in my head with a 5 second delay.

This works at first but fades in time,

because my ego is large and my thoughts are sublime.

But change I must, to protect our love,

I must find away and rise above,

these constant thoughts that rush my mind,

these constant thoughts that absorb my time.



I must learn to stop these hurtful sprays,

the verbal abuse, my aggressive ways.

I must force my mind to change how it thinks,

to learn compassion, empathy and be more succinct,

with my words, my feelings and my love for you,

my praise and judgement and my commitment too.





Starting today I will commit to a brand new me,

no longer verbally aggressive, abusive - I guarantee,

that I will filter my words , my thoughts and what I say,

that ridiculing demon, I assure you I will keep at bay.

If I can do this well I know our love will grow,

just give me time and watch how far I go,

to the end of the earth and back again,

after today our love will never be the same.

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