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Teen Breakups

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Teen Breakups





Breaking-up for the first time can be a traumatic experience, where you feel that your whole world has just caved in. You can spend a lot of time wondering what went wrong; How you could have fixed it if you were just given another chance. But the reality is that most first-time relationships do end. In essence; they end to provide you with the key learning tools and knowledge necessary to cope with life.


Breaking up for the first time creates resilience. The pain and hurt you are experiencing now will hold you in good stead in the future.  You are reflecting inwards and asking questions which are important elements in developing resilience. Your brain is processing information and storing every feeling you have, expression you make and thought you conceive; all in preparation for your future adventures.


Breaking up for the first time also provides you with references which are important for the next time you fall in love. When you choose a first relationship, your knowledge bank is limited. Your decisions are usually based on external features like looks and popularity. However, after a breakup, you develop a much larger knowledge bank. A knowledge bank that is filled with personal traits, habits and features that you liked and didn't like in that person. Characteristics which you have now sampled and processed for your next relationship.


Finally, try and  find ways to divert your focus by calling on friends and family to assist and support you. Take up a hobby that you have always wanted to do (like exercise as it triggers happy endorphins that makes you feel good). Speak to people or read stories of people who have had similar breakups to you. This is important, as research shows that teens who have hobbies and outlets outside of their first relationship tend to recover quicker from that breakup then teens who don't have hobbies.


REMEMBER: You will survive this experience. Although it hurts now, in time you will come to realise that you did have the strength to endure.

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