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Technology and Children

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Children and Technology



I use technology ever day,

play games, use my Iphone and watch blu-rays.

I have no interests, hobbies or play sport,

I just sit in my room with my TV, I Phone and Play station for support.

My mum and Dad are concerned for my health,

they say: “My lifestyle, responsibilities and self esteem has rapidly moved south”.

I do admit that I play games every day,

it is addictive, challenging and it is hard to pull away.



But stop I must as I am losing control,

I know longer talk with my friends; it’s poisoning my soul.

I suffer from headaches and my eyes get sore,

I fight with my parents; which usually ends in war.



I know my parents just want the best,

they have removed my blu-ray, my play station and favourite game ‘Dragon Quest’.

They have encouraged me to join a sports team,

so I have enrolled in soccer to help rebuild my self esteem.

I run and play and have fun with friends,

I feel good after each game as my soul has been cleansed.

I now know that sport is good for me,

as my body feels good and mind feels free.



In conclusion, I say that a balance is good,

limit your time with technology and go for regular runs in the woods.

One hour of technology a day is all I require,

before I get fidgety and eyes begin to tire.



Remember, that life is full of amazing things,

it starts when you put down the play station and spread your wings.

Head outside to the park, and you will soon see,

that nature creates its own games that can be enjoyed by you and me.

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