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Stomach Growling

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Stomach Growling!     stomach growling                                       


Grumbling stomachs can be embarrassing especially in social situations. You may be talking with friends or family and without warnings your stomach starts making noises which seem to echo for everyone to hear. You try hard to conceal it by speaking loudly or moving away, but the truth is that your stomach doesn’t have a timer and without food in the belly you are prone to hear these gurgling, growling sounds until you grab a bite to eat.

I want you to imagine that you stomach is like a fuel tank. When thefuel tank and stomach

tank is full of fuel the car idles nicely and drive smoothly. However

as the tank gets low on gas the cars driving capacity reduces and the

car may begin to splatter, jerk and even make noises. Your stomach

is no different. A stomach full of food runs smoothly but a stomach

low on food causes gurgling and growling sounds.


So how does Stomach Growling Occur?


When food is eaten it is processed in the digestive tract where muscles contract and relax and move the food downwards towards the bowels. This process involves squeezing and churning the food together into a gooey mix. During this process air and gases escape which causes the growling and gurgling noises you hear.


If your stomach is full then the digestive tract will have a lot of food to process which reduces the amount of air and gas being released. However a lack of food moving through the digestive tract allows a lot of gas and air to escape which results in a noisy belly.


What Can I do to reduce these Sounds?


There are two tips that you can do to reduce the sounds your belly makes:


    1.Try and eat small meals regularly instead of larger meals less frequently. This will ensure that your digestive tract is always full and reduce the chances of air and gases escaping.
    2.Reduce the amount of gaseous foods you eat like soft drinks, Beans and Sugar. Sugar is a large culprit as it ferments in the stomach causes a lot of gas.
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