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Smash through the Health Wall

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Smash through the Health wall: A different perspective on children’s fitness


It is becoming increasingly more difficult to motivate your child/ren to be healthy. With the temptation of technology at every child’s fingertips, physical/ nutritional health is losing the battle, and at a costly rate. Children are now facing more than ever higher levels of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.


But there is good news! It is important to realise that every human being on the planet has an innate urge to be the best that they can be. This may be hard to see when life’s pressures and even temptations are constantly steering your child/ren away from this.


But Stay with me! All human beings including children are constantly presented challenges in their life; challenges that are sub-consciously requested to ensure personal growth and development. I believe that physical and nutritional health is one such challenge that people at some stage in their life (parents for their children or children themselves) request to better themselves. Let’s be honest; if the health of your child/ren was not a factor right now, you wouldn’t be reading this article, Right?


But that’s OK! As long as you start with the premise that you want the best for your child/ren than you can develop the leverage to motivate your child/ren back to good health.


To successfully develop the leverage to motivate your child/ren, you need to implement a ‘Smash Plan’ of action:


  1. Using the free Smash Fit for Kids application (android, apple, windows and blackberry stores) record your child/ren’s daily food intake and exercise activity everyday for 5 days. It only takes 2 mins of your time and will provide you with valuable information on what your child/ren are eating and currently doing throughout the day. At the end of the 5 days, calculate the amount of days your child/ren ate over the calories recommended or under the calories recommended.


  1. If your child/ren is eating on average more then the recommended calories outlined on the Smash Fit for Kids application per day then you need to do one of two things. Either decrease their food intake or increase their exercise output. If on the other hand, your child/ren is not eating enough calories then you need to look at the food and amounts your child/ren are eating.


With this information you have now built leverage because you have the tools necessary to make the necessary change. If eating too many or too few calories is the issue for your child/ren you can now research and investigate healthier eating alternatives. On the other hand if lack of exercise is the issue, you can research physical programs that your child/ren can do to increase their exercise output.


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