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Six Things Teenager Boys Need To Know About Girls

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Six Things Teenage Boys Need to Know About Girls




The teenage years is a time filled with lots of change as the body grows and develops. Both boys and girls undergo a number of physical, psychological and hormonal changes which impact on the way they perceive and see each other. A teenage boy’s interests in the opposite sex moves away from play dates and avoiding girls in pre-teen years to developing a physical and emotional interest in girls.

This article will provide 6 key things that a boy needs to know before dating or entering a relationship with a girl.


1. Personal Hygiene: Girls like it when a boy smells nice. They also like it when you take pride and care for the clothes you wear. 

Hint: Don’t wear the same clothes every day just because they are comfortable. Girls hate this and note that a boy’s dress sense is a reflection on his personality and the pride that he has in himself and others.

Flatulence is also not something that girls find flattering. Studies show that girls don’t think that flatulence is funny.
2. Girls like to feel special and hate it when you make fun of them in front of your friends. Making a joke at a girl’s expense may be funny at first but will soon become annoying if you do it all of the time.
3. Having your own identity with the way you dress is different to dressing like a ‘douche bag’. Avoid wearing sweat bands, sweat pants with the elastic in the bottom, slip on sandals or over sized plastic sunglasses. News Flash! This is not Cool.

4. A girl’s friends are like family. Learning to accept and get along with their friends is important even when you feel that they are annoying or loud. The important thing from a girl’s perspective is that you learn to like them.

5. Make sure you provide lots of complements like you ‘look great today’ or ‘I like what you have done to your hair’. Never call a girl crazy or dramatic because you feel that they are over reacting about their problems or situation. Their problems matter to them and they need support; not comments that make them feel worse.

6. Whatever you do, never compare girl’s against other girl’s. You may not realise it but girls already do this. They particularly don’t like it when you tell them that someone else is really hot as they start to think that they are not good enough.


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