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Same Sex Relationships

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Same Sex Relationships




In today’s society there are many children living with parents who are of the same sex (by same sex I mean they are either a boy or a girl). In years gone past it was expected that children would grow up with a mother and father; this is no longer the case. Many same sex relationships establish because they have feelings for each other and thus decide that they are going to be together and be romantically involved. When two females are intimately involved they are referred to as a lesbian relationship. When two males are intimately involved it is referred to as a gay relationship.




In a traditional sense you do need a male and female to make a baby however same sex relationships can still have babies with the advancements in technology. For example same sex partners could have children through a surrogate person who carries a baby for two males who want to have a child.



With the legalisation of same sex marriages in many countries there will be an increase in same sex families. This is fantastic news as studies have shown that two loving parents regardless of their sex are important in a child’s development.


It is important that you are respectful and kind towards the different types of relationships in your school environment. What you may perceive as being different or not normal is very normal to those children who have same sex parents. When you understand that all parents regardless of their sexual orientation are just trying to provide a loving and supportive environment for their children so they can grow up happy and healthy, you will soon see that we are all striving for the same outcomes in this game called life.  


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