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Sadness Poem

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Sadness Poem




Try to turn your frown upside down,

and confront the grief that will appear,

when your face is sad and your body is demure.

Wallowing sadness can be hard to shake,

if you experience a loss or a relationship heartbreak.

During this loss you may often cry,

weep tears of sadness from your eyes.

You may avoid social scenes, friends or other teens,

as you withdraw from your day, your weekly routines.





But should you allow sadness to ruin your mental drive,

take away your spirit, the thrill of being alive.

Talking with family and friends may help heal your mind,

may help vent the grief, may help your body unwind.

Start with your feelings of sadness and loss,

then build to your anger and the pain you often come across.

Sadness has many steps that you must endure,

be kind to yourself as there is no quick cure.




Their maybe times where you feel no one comprehends,

the loss you are experiencing and the sadness you struggle to mend.

But persevere you must, to repair the grief,

to return to normality, to find relief.

In time you will recover, you will see the light,

you will find the strength and the will to fight,

to smile again and laugh out loud,

to hang with friends and be amongst the crowd.

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