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Public Speaking Poem

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Little Poem about Public Speaking




As I sit here waiting to speak,

my heart is pounding and my body is weak.


I feel the sweat building under my arms,


slowly filling my shoes and dripping from my palms.


I am scared, I am nervous, I am worried I will fail,


in front of all of these people who are waiting for me to unveil,


my speech on Napoleon and his greatest feats,


how he conquered the whole of Europe without missing a beat.














Public speaking is hard, it is my greatest fear,


especially when I choke up, mumble and my speech is not clear.


I have tried breathing and meditation to calm my mind,

along with therapy and supplements in the hope to find,

a cure for public speaking phobia that has me entwined in a bind.



As I stand and deliver this speech to my peers,


I catch a glimpse of my teacher which helps settle my fears.


One word, two words, three words, four,


my speech has begun and my confidence soars.


My teachers nods and confirms that I am doing fine,


  which further calms my nerves and settles my mind.













I am now near the end with only a few words left to say,

when my class stand to their feet, clap and yell 'Way to go Jay'.


My teacher smiles as she says 'Jay you have done us proud',


 because you have overcome your fear today of speaking in front of a crowd.




I am glad that it is over and I was able to complete my speech,


develop inner strength and confidence which at times has been hard to reach.


As I take this strength and confidence into my next public speaking test,


I can finally lay the anxiety, and fear experienced with public speaking to rest.  









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