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Please Don't Bully Me

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It hurts what people say to me,


“Your fat, your ugly, you’re not meant to be!”


This kid, he pushes me after school,


until I crack, it is so cruel.


I often cry and wonder why,


This kid hates me so much that he wants me to die.



Please don’t Bully Me!



I may be big but I have a heart,


just get to know me, please give me a start.


You'll see I have a lot of good,


please ignore my size and look under the hood.


I’m kind, I’m honest, and I'll lend an ear,


I’m funny, supportive and sincere.

Please don’t Bully Me!

I have tried to ignore the things you say,


your words, your actions there not OK.


I’ve laughed it off and walked away,


I’ve told my folks and even pray.



Please don’t Bully Me!



The truth is the pain runs deep,


It haunts me at night and when I sleep.


So next time you choose to bully me,


please think about the pain that I feel and you'll see,


that bullying causes long term stress,


can lead to self harm and even regress


all the good stuff that I have inside,


my love, my heart, my hope, my pride.



Please don’t Bully Me!



Lastly, please just think before you say,


those hurtful things that blackens my day.


I just want a little peace,


a little time to release,


all those things that you have said,


those words and actions that have resonated inside my head.

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