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Negative Thoughts

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Negative Thoughts and Kids





Negative thoughts are like snowflakes falling from the sky,


they start with a trickle, but build momentum when allowed to pass by.


Let these thoughts pass by I here you say,


as its best not to entertain them, or bring these thoughts to bay.


But bring to bay you must, as these flow of thoughts can cause you pain,


they can lead you to anger, guilt, frustration and even distain,


your reputation, your views, your morals and even your name.




Negative thoughts are driven by your beliefs, values and moral choices,


the key to changing them starts by listening to your inner voices.


You must listen closely, and ensure you question each negative thought,


As this is your ticket, your key, the path that can't be taught.




Understand that negative thoughts feed on the lazy, weak and feable brain,


you must build your emotional muscle with mantras, affirmations and mind games.


I agree, it can be tough, requires effort, commitment and balls,


you must take the path less traveled to knock down these negative thought walls.






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