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Is This Depression?

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I Often Feel Depressed





My feelings start low,

as sadness begins to show.

I then begin to cry,

and have thoughts that I may die.


Is this Depression?


They say you have the black dog,

because darkness becomes your stable log.

People say! “Fight it and just push those thoughts away”,

don’t be silly, you will be Okay.

But it is hard to fight it when you don’t see light,

everything around you no longer seems bright.


Is this Depression?


You first must recognise the way you feel,

dig deep, look in, as it is time to heal.

Depression is an illness and there is a cure

it does take time, energy and you must endure

the ups and downs, darkness and light,

with the right support and guidance that light will once again shine bright.


Is this Depression?


Remember there is hope and this is not the end,

the depression will pass and you will have time to mend.

Life will once again open up and shine down on you,

smiles will appear and your thoughts will no longer seem blue.

Friends and family will rally by your side,

Cherish each moment as you have just been on one tough ride.

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