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Is This Bipolar Disorder?

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Is this Bipolar Disorder?


Up and down, highs and lows,


this seems to be how my day usually goes.


I lie in bed at times all day,


and then with-out notice I want to play.


I shop, and think and race around,


no time to rest or back down.

Is this Bipolar?

My mum and dad have real concerns,


unsure of my actions and when I will turn.


They book me in to see a shrink,


I yell and scream because my mind has a chink,


in the way I think and what I do,


my actions are erratic, and my reality is obscure.

Is this Bipolar?

The doctor talks and looks at me,


with probing eyes and a willingness to see.


He says my brain is out of wack,


but give it time and you will be back on track.


By taking this pill every day,


your erratic behaviour will be brought to bay.

Is this Bipolar?

It has been 6 weeks since I saw my shrink,


my thoughts, my actions are now in sync.


I no longer race to get things done,


or lie in darkness and avoid the sun.


My mum and dad are happy now,


they have seen me change, so take a bow.


Bipolar disorder is a disease,


with the right help and support you will soon seize,


each moment, each day, each thought you say,


the way you act and the way you play.



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