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Improving Running Speed In Kids

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Improving Running Speed in Kids




Running is an integral part of any outdoor sporting activity that utilises large areas of space. Running is also critical in sports activities like football, netball, soccer and athletics. To  run fast whilst participating in these types of sporting activities excites alot of children as it helps them to be successful and competitive in their chosen sport. For coaches, teachers and parents, understanding different speed techniques is important to a good running style that can help your children get the best out of their body.


Running starts with your arms and hands


Good running technique starts with the position of your arms and hands. Drive and power is instrumental in running speed and is generated when the arms pump like pistons as they drive from your hip to the ear. Imagine that you are pulling a pen from your pocket and then placing that pen up behind your ear. This movement in sequence from the left arm to the right arm creates momentum and assists with forward movement.







High knee lift and long stride


High knee lifts in combination with strong arm movements maintains a strong body during the running movement. Teaching kids to lift their knees to their hips during their running  stride ensures that they achieve the greatest distance for each step. It also helps build power and strength in their legs by increasing muscle recruitment in their fast twitch muscle fibres. Fast twitch muscles fibres are important for developing speed.


Variety is the spice to Life


It is important that your running activities are varied to reduce boredom and injury. Long distant runs combined with short sprints and mixed with cross country running trains different muscle fibres in your body which is important to reduce injury and ensure equal muscle development across all muscle groups.


Bouncing and Hopping your way to a faster you


Fast twitch fibres in muscles respond best too fast dynamic movements. Bouncing and hopping activities on both legs builds power and strength which is needed for running speed. Incorporate different types games to make bouncing and hopping fun. Hopscotch and jump rope are fun ways to build speed whilst playing with friends in the park or backyard.







Fuel the Body with the right Mix


Your muscles need energy to perform correctly. It is important that you eat the right food before you run and after you finish your run. Foods rich in carbohydrates like yoghurt, berries or fruit provide immediate fuel to your muscles that allow them to work effectively. Eating some protein like eggs or milk after your run helps maintain your muscles from injury or soreness.


Having the right footwear


 Wearing the right shoes is imperative in reducing injury and soreness. Running places a large amount of strain on the legs, joints, tendons and ligaments in the lower body. Running on hard surfaces like cement, bitumen or dirt requires the right running shoes to reduce the impact generated when your legs pound the ground. Before engaging in any regular running routine consult with a foot specialist who can guide you with the right shoes for the activity you are participating in.

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