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Fun Games you Can Play with your Baby

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Fun Games you can play with your Baby




Babies have many challenges that they must overcome as they grow and develop. As a parent you make this challenging process fun by incorporating games and activities into their daily life.


0-3 months old


Rolling Game


During the first 3 months of your baby’s development they learn how to roll. The first time your baby does this involves them rolling over but not being able to roll back. If this occurs in the middle of the night your baby becomes stressed and lets you know it.


Play this game with you baby so they can practice rolling over and back


Create a tune to this song and whilst singing this song roll your baby from the tummy to his back (Silberg, 1993).


Roll, roll, baby, roll

From your tummy to your back.

Roll, roll, my baby roll

When you roll over you must roll back.


Physical Fun


Physical fun is great activity that builds strength, tones muscles and builds rhythm with your baby.


Start by placing your baby on his/her back and gently move her arms and legs to the rhythm of a nursery rhyme.


Say the words “Itsy, Bitsy Spider” as you move your baby’s hands in a circle.


Say the words to “Baa, Baa, Black Sheep” as you move the baby’s legs back and forth.










 3-6 months old


One, Two, Three


This game is played with your baby on the bed. Start by laying your baby down on his/her back on a pillow facing you.


Grasp your baby’s hands and begin counting


Are you ready to stand up? Here we go!





On the count of three gradually pull the baby to a standing position without letting go of the hands.


You baby will grasp this concept very quickly because it is fun and soon be able to count to 3. You baby will also associate fun with counting to 3.


Toys that go Squeak!


Start by sitting in a chair with your baby in your lap.


Squeeze a squeaky toy.


Place the toy in the baby’s hand. He/she will grasp it as a natural reflex and be surprised when it squeaks.


Keep giving your baby the toy, and soon he/she will realise that his/her hand makes the toy squeak.














6-9 months old


Playing with your baby on the Floor


Get down on the floor with your baby and crawl around on all fours. See if you can persuade your baby to crawl with you.


Roll play with your baby…Pretend to be a dog or cat and say words like “woof” or “meow”.


Place 1-2 laundry baskets on the floor filled with baby’s toys. Encourage your child to take a toy out of the basket

and then put it back. When you baby takes the toy out of the basket, give the toy a name.


Playing Tug of War with your Baby


Get on the floor with your baby.


With a long sock, give your baby one end of the sock while you grasp the other end.


Gently pull the sock towards you


Show the baby how to pull the end towards them


Tug the sock back and forwards whilst saying:


I pull you and you pull me

Tug of war just you and me


Pretend your baby is so strong that he/she pulls you over (Silberg, 1993).





Silberg, J. (1993). Games to play with Babies: Gryphon Publishing – Beltsville MD.


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