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Fun Activities for Kids to Enjoy Outdoors

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Fun Activities for Kids to Enjoy Outdoors


Finding ways to keep your children active is becoming more and more difficult especially when parents are competing with advances in interactive games and technology. Interactions amongst children are no longer done in the local neighbourhood with your next door neighbour. Interactions are now done in front of a television or computer screen on sites like Nickelodeon or Disney Quest.

Children need stimulus that is changing and provides challenges. They want to be rewarded when they succeed and they want to be able to interact with other children. The key for you as a parent is to organise an activity that stimulates your child physically and mentally; is changing constantly; provides challenges and rewards and can be done with other children.

I believe that Kids still love to play outdoors but struggle with boredom if the activity lacks creativity. With just a little imagination you can create hundreds of ways of having fun outdoors. I will share with you below some activities that you could organise quickly and easily.

Obstacle Race

Nothing can be more fun than to watch your toddler/pre-schooler go through your homemade obstacle course. This is surely one of those activities for kids that can make you laugh. This activity allows you to be creative and use your imagination. You can incorporate boxes where your little one can crawl or walk through or lay out rope and use it as a balance beam.

Old Time Favourites

Century old games such as, what’s the Time, Mr Wolf? Simon Says and Ring-a-Ring-a-Rosie are still fun to play. Remember those days when you were playing them with your neighbours? A lot of things must have changed around the neighbourhood, but these remain as some of the favourite activities for kids.



Have Some Exercise


Another one of those fun activities for kids is strolling. Instead of driving to the store to get some bread or milk, why not stroll with your kids? What makes this activity even better for kids is when you act as spies as you walk. Check out the leaves, the local cats, and the snails as you go.

A Work of Art

While strolling to the shops, make sure you ask your kids to collect some simple treasures, like leaves and feathers, which you can use later on to do some simple collage. Give them a piece of paper to be the base of their collage. Then using glue let them stick all their collections onto the paper as artistically as they can. I am sure your little ones will crave for more of these activities for kids.



Go Treasure Hunting


Make a list of treasures for your kids to find. Then head your small team of treasure hunters out into the local neighbourhood and find the items on the list.



Splatter on the Puddle

Next time it rains, look for raincoats, gumboots and umbrellas. Play with your kids in the rain and splatter through puddles.

Fun Ride

Lead a team of bikers onto paths with a mild slope. When you return, your kids will have fun trekking on Mount Everest.



Finders Keeper


Another fun game to play with your child is to look for simple items in the garden such as three black stones, five yellow leaves, etc as quickly as they can.



Spraying Spree


Hand a plastic spray bottle filled with water to your little one. Then ask him or her to spray each and every plant in your garden. This is not just one of those enjoyable activities for kids, but this is also good for your plants.



Indiana Jones

Spend some time hiding some tiny treasures, such as candies and toys, around the garden. Then organise your kids to go treasure hunting.



Tea Party


Organize a tea party for your little guests using just a tea set and a small table. Let them have fun as you serve them with some biscuits and water.

Fun Ride at the Park

Bike parks are great places to do some fun activities for kids. This is also a safe place for them to master their biking skills.

Take a Ferryboat


Being out on the water will definitely bring joy to your little ones, and to you, too.





No kid would miss the chance of going for a bushwalk. What makes bushwalking as one of the favourite activities for kids is that it is a good time for them to get dirty as they roam freely and 'talk' with beetles and flowers.



Fly A Kite


Flying a kite is fun. And did you know that activities for kids can be a whole lot better if you make it more personalized? Here is how: Cut a cardboard into a diamond shape, put on some decorations, make a hole in one end and then attach a long piece of wool through it. Let your little ones have fun running with a kite flying behind them.





This is surely one of those activities for kids that are simple and fun. All you need to do is set up a simple course at the playground for your kids. Ask them to go through it while timing them. Brace yourself as you watch them beat their own record in every lap.



Sail A Boat


One of the best activities for kids is that of sailing a boat, even with just a model one. Make it in your own house with materials such as paddle-pop sticks, polystyrene foam ice cream containers, or paper. Design your own boat as uniquely as you can. Then take it to a backyard pool or a pond. Have fun sailing!



Paint with water


Give each kid a paintbrush and a container of water and let him paint anything on the back fence and trees. These are great activities for kids that encourage their creativity.



Colourful Water play


Now here is one of those activities for kids that are fun but a bit messy so kids must play it outdoor with an apron. Head outside with bottles of water and a variety of food colourings. Then let your kids mix and match the colours until everyone has the same uniform colour in each bottle.




If you
are thinking of activities for kids that are not only fun but also enriching, then consider reading books to them. And yes, books aren’t just read in your bedroom. A shaded part in your yard can be a perfect place to enjoy a book with your child. Spread a rug and take out those books.



Be Sandy


Let your little ones go wild in their imagination by making anything such as pizza, cake and even castles using sands. Just supply them with small buckets, your old kitchen utensils, and biscuit cutters. This is indeed one of those activities for kids that can bring out the best in them.




And when you think you are running out of ideas of fun activities for kids, here is one you should really try making: An outdoor home using a sheet and some chairs.



Let Your Young Artist Shine


Make the most out of a sunny day, by setting a table outside. Next, arrange an easel, spread the crayons, the glitter glue and encourage your kids to be crafty.

My list of fun activities for kids ends here. Actually, the list can be endless if you just add your own activities in this list or even make your own variations. What is most important is that you and your kids have fun!














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