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Exercise Doesn't Have to be Hard

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Exercise Doesn't Have to be Hard



 Physical activity for kids doesn't have to be hard and strenuous. Working out can be as simple as completing 2 minutes of exercise each day while you are watching your favourite TV program or even completing your homework. Physical activity is about moving your body which can be achieved in many different ways. You could dance to your favourite music, squat during an ad break on TV or even stand up and sit down whilst you are completing your homework. A program for working out  needs to be fun and should not be seen as a chore that requires large amounts of mental effort. The key is to make physical activity as natural as possible and blend exercise into your daily activities.

Try these simple physical activities at home for the next 2 weeks and see if exercising is fun and enjoyable for you:

1. Perform 10 squats whilst you are watching your favourite TV program.

2. Dance for 3-5minutes to your favourite song moving your hips, arms and lower body.

3. If you have stairs that lead to your front door, make sure you run up and down three times before you enter the house.

4. Laugh alot; stand instead of sitting and twist, bend and reach as often as possible as these are great ways to burn extra calories and keep fit.

5. Walk to the end of the street at least 3 times a week.

6. Take your dog to the park or for a walk as often as possible.

7. Help your parents water the garden, hang the clothes on the line or pack the dishwasher.


8. 10 pushups of your knees or toes combined with 10 burpees are quick ways to burn lots of calories. Try and do these 3 times a week. It will literally take you 2 minutes.


9. If you insist on using computers, personal devices, game consoles or phones make sure you do it standing. While you are standing try and contract and relax your stomach muscles. This will help you burn more calories then when you sit.


10. If you can combine eating healthy foods like fruit and vegetables with thse physical activities then you give your self a pat on the back. Physical activity is half the battle. Eating well will ensure that you stay fit, feel good and have bounds of energy each day.

These simple tasks will ensure that you remain physcially active and exercise without even knowing that your are being physical. Lastly health and fitness doesn't have to be boring or a chore that you must plan for; the key is to move and be active when ever you can.

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