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Enjoy Each Moment: You Never Know How Much TIme You Have

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Enjoy Each Moment- You Never Know How Much Time You Have



Ears, throat, mouth and nose,

wax, tickle, cough and blows.

This is how my days usually goes,

fighting germs, infections and deep lows.

I have tried drugs, meditation and rest,

supplements, exercise and nutrition to reduce the stress.











The truth is my days are short,

counting hours and minutes until I report,

to a higher force, to the man up top,

where I can rest in peace and finally stop,

all of the treatment, the therapy and the crying eyes,

the sympathy, the helplessness and goodbyes.



This disease, this Cancer it has happened so quick,

one day I was healthy and the next day I was sick.

It has been 6 months since my Cancer appeared,

it is type 4 aggressive, the one most feared.

It started in my lungs and has moved to my head,

I find it hard to cough, blow my nose and even lie down in my bed.



You may wonder why I don’t continue to fight,

why I have accepted my fate, why I have blown out my light.

The truth is I haven’t chosen to die,

I have just accepted my path, my purpose, and the reasons: Why?

See I believe that your path is set and laid down for you,

all you can do is your best; enjoy each moment and see life through.

Please don’t have pity and feel sorry for me,

because my life has been great even though I am only twenty-three.

See I was able to travel, ride a camel and dive,

drift down a river, meet a celebrity and test drive,

my favourite car which is a Holden V8,

they let me do laps and max it down the straight.



In ending this poem I would like to say,

that life is short, goes quickly, so enjoy each day,

and try not to fight, hold grudges with the people you adore,

instead spend time with them and try to endure,

their faults, their fears, their points of view,

because in the end what really matters is the happy memories you will carry inside you.



This poem is for all of the young people who have suffered from Type 4 Cancers in 2013 


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