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Dealing with Problems

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Dealing With Problems



    As the fitness industry catapults itself into the 21st Century, an answer to the number one question asked by millions of people is still very much elusive. What is the quick fix solution to the problem of weight loss and negative self-image? As scientists, doctors and gimmicks all strive to provide a solution; more and more people are being influenced and affected by it. What if though, we were approaching the solution from the wrong angle? What if the answer was a matter of perspective with greater ramifications then both you and I could ever conceive or imagine? Would that create interest and enthusiasm within you: If so, then let’s start by reading the depiction below!


One day a great guru was walking down the street when he bumped into a young disciple. The young disciple was downtrodden and lacking exuberance, so the great guru decided to inquire on the young disciple’s well being.

How are you doing today young sir? Asked the great guru?

The young disciple responded (for 15 mins) by informing the great guru of how many problems he had in life and how he would give anything in this world to get rid of his problems. The great guru isn’t someone who turns a deaf ear to an offer so he meditated until he came up with a solution.

After 2 days, a solution came to him, so he contacted the young disciple to inform him of the great news, but warned him that it involved them going for a small drive. The young disciple was ecstatic with this, and suggested they leave straight away.

After 20 minutes of driving, the great guru pulled into the local cemetery where he said the answer to his problems lie. The young disciple was confused

by this and thus inquired:

“What answer could possibly lie here in this cemetery?”

The great guru responded ever so adamantly: The only people, who don’t have problems in life young sir, are people who lay here in this cemetery dead.

The young disciple seeing the error of his way never complained of a problem again”

(Elbert Hubbard cited in Canfield and Victor Hansen, 1989).


This story although abstract, places life’s troubles into perspective. It illustrates the fact that every person on the face of this planet experiences some kind of problem no matter how small. It was Vincent Peale (the power of positive thinking guru) who said:


“ If you have no problems in life at the moment, you are in grave danger of jeopardy and should pray to god right now to be given a problem  straight away”



If weight loss or self-image is a problem for you and sits as a major issue, it is time to stop feeling depressed with negative thoughts like: ‘ Why is this problem

happening to me’? Or, ‘Why do I have a problem losing weight?’ It is essential that you understand and become tolerable to the fact that these problems are given to you for a reason. It was Richard Bach who quoted:


“There is no such thing as a problem  without a gift for you in its hands”  (www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/r/richard_bach.html).

I believe we seek problems because we need their gifts. I believe that problems provide growth and an outlet for development and vision.

To test this, I would first like you to take a minute too imagine and visualise what it would be like for you, if you had the perfect figure or self- image right now? As you

create this image in your mind, ask yourself: Would I be happy and fulfilled in the moment? or Would I still have to face other problems relative to the success of my

current new image? (like friends becoming jealous and spiteful because I have achieved and stuck to my plan of losing weight). Also would all other problems now and

in the future be solved because of this new image? Or would their still be problems not yet foreseeable that I would have to deal with?

Now be honest with yourself as you answer these questions. Don’t just habitually recite the first thing that comes into your head. Really stop and think about it.


How did you go? Did you answer yes to the first questions (identified in italics) or did you answer yes to the second questions. I feel that most people would still have

to face problems even when they achieved an initial solution to their self-image or weight. Why?


It is important to realise that through the process of addressing your initial problem (e.g. low self image and weight), you gain more then just a healthy self-image. You

gain the emotional muscle necessary to deal with challenges and obstacles. Would it be possible to conceive that problem solving is a necessary growth pattern for

development and understanding within your own ‘being’. As you work with problems, you actually learn and grow from the process. Jack Handey summed this up

beautifully by quoting ‘What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger’. Although slightly extreme, this quote in essence depicts the true meaning of a problem.


What if I also told you that each problem that is solved by you creates a rule or a set of beliefs, which help to solve other difficulties? It was Rene Descartes who said,


 “Each problem  that I solve became a rule, which served afterwards to solve other problems” (www.thinkexist.com).


To provide an illustration of this, let’s say that your problem at the moment is weight loss. Through reading this article, let’s say you decide to put into action a set of

fundamental steps that aid you in losing weight and feeling better about yourself. So you decide to join a gym, eat healthier foods, and work with a personal trainer. To

cut a long story short, lets also say you succeed in losing weight, and because of your success, you gain self – confidence, which is picked up by everybody else around

you. Because of this newfound confidence and your recent success with weight loss, you then decide to help your closest friend who has asked you to assist her in losing

weight as well. So you work with her for 3 months or so providing the references and systems used in your success and notice you can help solve her problems of weight

loss as well. So now that you have solved your problem with weight loss, and helped you friend solve her problem of weight loss, you decide to branch out and solve

another problem you have always wanted to resolve ‘How can I contribute to the community?’ With your recent success with weight loss and your friend’s success with

weight loss, which has lifted your self-esteem and confidence, you decide to join a voluntary organization that helps other women get through the difficulties of losing

weight as well. So now not only have you solved your original problem of weight loss, you have helped your friend with her problem as well as another problem that

existed within you. Although this is only an example, can you see where problems can help you? Through your problems, you create opportunities, which have greater

ramifications, then just the problem at hand. I believe that within your own problems, you find a greater gift within yourself, whether it is confidence, persistence,

determination, wisdom or knowledge. So before you dismiss your current problem as being too serious and thus not worthy of a solution, think about the information

provided above and remember that within every problem lies the solution and growth of your inner being.




Canfield, J. & Hansen, V. (1989). A snd Helping of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Health Communications INC. Florida


















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