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Children and Computers

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Children and Computers






In an age where computers dominate everything you do, children are spending more and more time at the computer sitting doing homework, school work and playing games. The concern is that staring at a screen or hunching over a mobile device can cause long term injury. Eyes can be strained, back, hands and arms can be over used and lead to stress related injuries.

Correct Posture When Sitting and Using Your Computer

Research shows that kids are spending more than 2 hours a day in front of a computer or hand held device. When using the computer it is important that your seat supports your back. Make sure your seat is set high enough that your wrists and hands rest comfortably on the table. Your bottom should be centered in the seat and your knees should bend at 90 degrees with your feet sitting flat on the ground. If you are not tall enough for your feet to sit flat on the ground then you may need to use a box or foot rest. When sitting in the seat make sure your back is resting against the back of the chair. It is important that you don’t slouch in the chair because this puts added strain on your back, shoulders and neck and can cause headaches and sore eyes.

Position your key board on the table/desk so your wrists can sit comfortably on the edge of the table/desk. Your elbows should bend at 90 degrees and your fingers should rest on the keys on the keyboard

Most importantly, you must take regular breaks as your wrists, hands, back, shoulders, neck and eyes will tire. It is recommended that every 30 minutes, stand up and take a 5 minute break. Try and move away from the computer or hand held device and try and stare at something in the distance as this will help you focus your eyes. Whilst you are moving around try and stretch your muscles like your back, wrists, arms and fingers. Simple exercising could include shaking your hands and fingers, flexing and straightening your arms at the elbow, stretching your back by raising your arms and hands to the ceiling.

Look After Your Eyes

Your eyes are really important to you and therefore you need to take care of them. When you are using your computer or a hand held device your eyes are working over time. Make sure you set your monitor on your computer at least 50 centremeters away from your face. Try to avoid leaning in to read what is on the screen. This can cause slouching and can lead to headaches and pain. If you find yourself doing this then your screen is set to far back. Your screen needs to be position at eye level, with the top of the monitor itself level with your forehead. When using a hand held device try not to hold it to close to your face. Use both hands to support the device and again you must take regular breaks.

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