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Anxiety: The Terror Within

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Anxiety: The Terror Within



Rapid breathing, heart pounding, sweaty palms,

it never stops, it never waivers, this feeling of internal harm.

It starts when you wake and then continues late at night,

constant thoughts of failure grip your chest real tight.

You struggle to breathe as waves of anxiety take hold,

That cause you temporary paralysis as you fight to take control.



It takes many forms including social, general and panic,

a disorder which left untreated can lead to emotions that are sporadic.

But take control of this demon you must fight to achieve,

because the anxieties you face in life cause you much grief.

You start by identifying the disorder in your head,

do you suffer from panic attacks or have a fear of going to bed,

do you avoid speaking in public or sweat when you see spiders in your shed.

All of these signs give you clues to the type of anxiety in your head.



Seeing these signs is your first step cure,

talking with friends, family and parents is the next step you must endure.

Their support will be vital as you go down this tough road,

their support will lift you when you slip or believe that you can’t continue with this anxiety load.

You may also need specialised help with your anxiety plan,

you may need to see a doctor or psychologist, who can,

provide you with strategies that will calm your anxiety down,

when you feel overwhelmed and can’t get yourself up of the ground.



Anxiety can be managed with a willingness to succeed,

small steps each day is all that you need.

With the support of your family and the guidance of your plan,

you will endure and come out at the other end.

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