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8 Time Savings tips in the Kitchen

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8 Time Savings Tips in the Kitchen




I am always looking for more efficient ways to prepare and cook food in the kitchen. These 10 tips outlined below will help you save that precious time in the kitchen cooking and preparing food. It will allow to spend more time with your family. 














Tip 1: Clutter slows down your cooking time - Tidy as you go placing food waste into the bin as it appears


Tip 2: To skin tomatoes and peaches quickly and painlessly, place them in a bowl and cover with boiling water.

Test the skin of one with the tip of the knife and when it is ready the skin will just slide of.


Tip 3: Keep a shopping list in a prominent place where you can access it quickly to note essential store-cupboard


items that are running low, so that you can replace them before they run out.


Tip 4: To skin a clover of garlic quickly, crush it under the blade of the knife.


Tip 5: Make a supply of salad dressing and store it in a tightly sealed bottle - one with a porcelein cap is ideal -


place in a cool position. The dressing can double as a marinade for chicken and fish.


Tip 6: Before you start a recipe, make sure you read it through, and make sure you have all the ingredients and


the necessary equipment on hand.


Tip 7: Have plenty of kitchen paper on hand to blot meat, fish and vegetables dry after cleaning them, Paper towel


is also important for draining excess fat from fried foods, cleaning spills and wiping frying pans clean.


Tip 8: Keep three or four medicine-sized bottles containing olive oil, to which you can add herbs and spices to.

garlic and chilli's for Mexican marinade, rosemary and oregano for chicken dishes, dill for fish and oregano for


Mediterranean flavour.




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