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5 Ways to Develop your Kids Jumping, Leaping and Hopping Skills

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5 Ways to Develop your Kids Jumping, Leaping and Hopping Skills


Jumping, Leaping and Hopping are fundamental Gross Motor skills that all children require in life. These skills are important because they form some of the foundation movements needed by your kids to competently play different games, sports and recreational activities offered in schools and in the community. From about the age of 5, your kids should have a basic gross motor skill that has been developed which allows for Jumping, Leaping and Hopping skills to be introduced and practiced.


Here are 5 ways to help develop your Kids Leaping, Jumping and Hopping Skills


Hopscotch: Mark out some squares with chalk or masking tape to encourage hopping and jumping skills.      




Use Bubbles: Bubbles are a great way to encourage your children to jump and leap whilst they try and catch them.






Use Hoops, Carpet Squares: A great way for your kids to incorporate imaginative play where they can spread the carpet or hoops out and create stepping stone pathways for jumping, hopping and leaping.




 Use Streamers: Place streamers in positions where your kids have to jump up and touch or grab them.



Vertical and Horizontal Jumping: With a marker, chalk or masking tape, record the distance your children jump vertically or horizontally from a stationary position.


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