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5 Self Esteem Games for Kids Part 1

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5 Self Esteem Games for Kids Part 1




Self Esteem games are important as it shows children that it is okay to be themselves. Children need room to grow and develop and these five games will help your children bloom and flourish.


Building self esteem is about building uniqueness. These games help your children understand and appreciate their own specialness at any age. All children need is a lot of feedback about their uniqueness. They need to know that whatever things they enjoy doing the most, then that is just fine.


1.  Clown Walk

Clown walk builds uniqueness and demonstrates to your children the power of self esteem.




Show your child a funny clown walk. Invite them to walk around with you and invent their own clown walk, too. While you are walking around with your clown walk, say things like:

  • Is your weight on your heels, toes or on the inside or outside of your feet? Make sure you exaggerate the walk
  • Are your shoulders up towards your ears or hunched forward?
  • Are you looking down or up
  • How big are your steps –small, large?


2.  The Ways I am Smart

It is important to recognise that children have their own strengths and weaknesses. Some children are good at mathematics or speaking whilst other children are kind and compassionate. This game allows family members the opportunity to recognise how smart and skilled each family member is.



Ask each family member to write down the ways in which they are smart or skilled. Once this is done share your points with other members of the family. As a variation you may want to write down the points for other family members. 


3.   The Importance of being You

It is importance to recognise and appreciate our children’s essence, not just their external accomplishments. Teaching children the importance of being kind and considerate towards others is also a major accomplishment.




Who do we appreciate?


Who do we think is mighty fine?

Response (have your children yell out a name of the person they think is mighty fine)





4.  The Importance of Having a Dream

It is important that every child has a dream for their future. As Bloody Mary’s sang in the musical South Pacific, “You’ve got to have a dream, If you don’t have a dream, how you gonna make a dream come true?”


Take turns with your children answering these questions about the future. Encourage your children to have an open mind.

  • Where do you want to live? Describe the house and the surroundings – Is their water, mountains, forests or a city close by?
  • Who lives with you? Who lives nearby? Who lives far away?
  • Where do you go and what do you do on vacations?
  • Have your children describe the kind of work they do? Who works with you? 


5.  Movin and Groovin


Put on the type of music you enjoy. Listen to it with your child, and as you feel it, move around together to express the feelings the music give you. Then change to another type of music and repeat the experience.

As a variation to this game, make a tape using a few minutes from several different types of songs. One at a time, take turns moving to that song and copying each other’s movements. You can replay the tape many times and see how each of you express a range of feelings to the same song.

Source: Sher, B. (1998) Self-esteem Games: 300 fun activities that make children feel good about themselves. John Wiley and Sons INC: New York.

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