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5 Fun Ways Kids can Keep Fit

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5 Fun Ways Kids can keep Fit
Dancing 26

Dancing is a fun way for kids to burn calories and have fun.

By dancing I don’t mean slow dancing or standing still, I mean jumping with your arms in the air, polka or two step.

Did you Know: Dancing has been shown to burn over 200 calories for 30mins work. You have to move though to achieve this.

Playing in Water 26

Having fun at the beach or at your local pool is another great way to keep fit.

You Don’t have to be swimming or doing laps.

just splashing around and having fun with friends will ensure that you are burning plenty of calories.

Disorganised Activity 26

You don’t need to join a team and play organised sport.

Kick a soccer ball around, or do cart wheels in the backyard.

You don’t have to compete just have fun and get moving.

Disorganised Activity 26

Bike Ride Bike riding is a fantastic way to get out and explore your surroundings.

Did you know: riding your bike for an hour can burn over 220 calories.



Playing Interactive Games 26

Interaction devices like the Wii system have been shown to burn lots of calories and keep you fit.

Did you know: Boxing on the Wii system can burn over 100 calories for 20 minutes of activity.

Playing tennis on the Wii system can burn over 80 calories for 15mins work.

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