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5 Foods That Help With Kids Learning

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5 Foods That Help with Kids Learning





We are all familiar with the saying:”You are what you eat”, but studies are now showing that food has a huge impact on your child’s learning capacity. Eating the right balance of foods can enhance brain function, memory, concentration and motor skills (Warren, Henry, Simonite, 2003). A brain consists of neurons that are constantly transmitting information around the body. These neurons respond differently under stress, illness and when there is a lack of energy.


Below I have listed 5 Foods that every child should be eating to boost their learning capacity.







Berries provide antioxidants which are thought to assist with cell damage caused by stress and have been shown to improve memory, coordination and balance in rats.







Eggs contain a nutrient called Choline which may assist with kids thinking and memory. Choline has also been shown to enhance brain cell function in throughout childhood.










Oatmeal is a slow release carbohydrate that provides energy and protein to the brain slowly which ensures that children have a constant energy source.







Water is often overlooked as a food source, but a lack of water can lead to dehydration which can cause lethargy and restlessness.











Beef which is high in iron and zinc is important for cognitive function with studies showing that a lack of beef in a child’s diet can have an impact on attention and memory.












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