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10 Indoor Activities for Kids

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10 Indoor Activities for Kids





Listed below are 10 indoor activities that you can organise for your child/ren at home. The activities are designed for children aged 2 years and older. It is recommended that you choose activities from the list that challenge your child/ren areas of learning where they may need extra help or time with. It is important that you offer your child/ren lots of praise, encouragement, time and love whilst they are doing the activities. Most importantly…

Have Fun



Activity 1:


BAG TARGET                2 years and older


Aim: Burns lots of energy and helps develop gross motor skills


What you Need:

  • A bag made of strong paper, plastic or fabric, newspaper, string and a wooden spoon


What to Do:

  • Tear up the newspaper and roll it into balls to fill the bag
  • When the bag is full tie it tightly with the string.
  • Attach a second string to the bag so it can be hung from a hook or doorway
  • Once it has been hung up away from anyting precious, pass the wooden spoon to your child and let them hit the bag

Activity 2:


BOX FUN                           2 years and older


Aim: Develops creative play skills

What you Need:

  • Cardboard fruit boxes from your local supermarket, masking tape, sheets, rugs and cardboard cylinders

What to Do:

  • Box fun is a fantastic activity on wet weather days
  • There are no specific instructions for this activity
  • The goal is to let your kids loose with the boxes and their imagination
  • The key is not to criticise or stop their creative play

Activity 3:


MAGAZINE PICTURE PUZZLE               2 years and older


Aim: Allow your child/ren to create simple jigsaw puzzles from magazine pictures

What you Need:

  • Magazine pictures, scissors, glue and thick cardboard

What to Do:

  • Look through magazines and let your children choose pictures for their puzzle
  • Help them cut out the pictures and use strong glue to stick those pictures onto the cardboard
  • When the cardboard dries, cut into puzzle shapes
  • With younger children start with 4 or 5 pieces. As they master the skill, cut the cardboard into more pieces

Activity 4:


BALLOON BOUNCING                   4 years and older


Aim: Develops hand eye coordination and gross motor skills

What you Need:

  • A blown-up balloon

What to Do:

  • Encourage your children to toss the balloon in the air and stop it from touching the floor
  • Goal: Count how many times they can tap it before it touches the floor
  • Encourage them to use all parts of their body to tap the balloon including, head, elbows, knee, feet etc
  • Challenge: Add more balloon to the activity, have your children lay down and keep the balloon up with their feet

Activity 5:


NEWSPAPER WALK              4 years and older


Aim: Develops coordination, balance and gross motor skills. Great activity for the whole family

What you Need:

  • 2 or more family members, 2 sheets of newspaper per player

What to Do:

  • Mark out a start and finish line
  • Each family member must stand on the start line with their two pieces of paper
  • When you say ‘go’, the players must get to the finish line without touching the floor
  • To do this they must walk on one piece of paper and then put the other piece of paper in front of them
  • They then pick up the first piece of paper, and place it down in front and walk on that
  • The first player to the finish line by only walking on the paper wins

Activity 6:


FOOTPRINTS             4 years and older


Aim: To teach your children the difference between left and right

What you Need:

  • Cardboard, pens, scissors, blu-tac

What to Do:

  • Draw around your child’s left foot and cut it out.
  • Use this shape as a template and cut 10 more of these
  • Do the same then for the right foot
  • Allow them to also cut out the shapes
  • Use blu-tac to stick the feet in a walking pattern around the house and ask your children to follow them
  • Challenge: Vary to walking step distances and patterns. Include hopping sections to add difficulty

Activity 7:


NUTS AND BOLTS               4 years and older


Aim: Develops problem solving and decision making skills. Also helps develop hands and finger muscles needed for writing

What you Need:

  • A selection of different bolts with nuts they will screw into

What to Do:

  • Give your child/ren at least a dozen different sized bolts and matching nuts.
  • See if they can find the ones that go together and screw the nuts onto the bolts
  • Challenge: Add a time to the activity, Have them do it blindfolded

Activity 8:


INDOOR HOCKEY               6 years and older


Aim: Helps develop hand eye coordination, problem solving and decision making skills


What you Need:

  • Need two family members, tabletop, paper, thick books, masking tape and ice block sticks

What to Do:

  • On a large table position a thick books all around the edge to form the sides of a hockey field
  • Leave a space at each end to be the goals to shoot at
  • Each player has an iceblock stick for a hockey stick
  • To make ball, roll a piece of paper into a ball shape and wrap masking tape around it to secure it
  • Let the games begin
  • The family members stand at each end behind their oppnent’s goal

Activity 9:


Os AND Xs                  6 years and older


Aim: A simple game of strategy


What you Need:

  • Two family members, paper and two pencils

What to Do:

  • Draw two horizontal parallel lines crossed by two vertical parallel lines to make nine spaces in three rows
  • Taking turns, one player draws the Xs and the other the Os.
  • The first player to get three Xs or three Os in a row in any direction is the winner

Activity 10:


COIN SPINNING                       8 years and older


Aim: Helps develop Fine motor skills and concentration

What you Need:

  • Coins and pins

What to Do:

  • Carefully hold the coin between two pins, exactly opposite each other
  • Gently blow on the coin to make it spin
  • Goal: See who can make their coin spin the fastest

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