What is Smash! Fit For Kids ?

Welcome to Smash! Fit for Kids

Smash! Fit for Kids is changing the way children think about Food, Fun and Fitness. With a free application, interactive website and social forum, Smash! Fit for Kids is breaking down the health barriers affecting children today.

The website provides both parents and children with perspective and advice about a wide range of physical, emotional, and behavioral issues that affect both children and teens. The website also links directly with the free phone and tablet application so parents and children can login and print eating and exercise reports, log food and exercise entries as well update personal information.

The social forum allows children 12 years and over to have fun and interact with other children in a safe and controlled environment. All posts, videos and blogs are filtered and monitored to ensure that the material is safe to view.

The free application can be downloaded from Android, Apple, Windows and Blackberry stores. The free application allows parents to work with their children to monitor and maintain their childs food and fitness patterns.

We depend on you to let us know your thoughts about Smash! Fit for Kids; how we have been helpful, and ways we can improve the site. Email us your request and we assure you that we will listen, review and rectify changes if required.

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