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Smash! Fit for Kids is changing the way children think about Food, Fun and Fitness. With a free application, interactive website and social forum, Smash! Fit for Kids is breaking down the health barriers affecting children today.The website provides both parents and children with perspective and advice about a wide range of physical, emotional, and behavioural

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ipadSmash! Fit for Kids is a fantastic free application that assists parents, teens and children change the way they think and feel about health and fitness. This application is the first on the market for kids to record calories and measure exercise. Smash ‘Fit for Kids’ is a calorie counting tool on the market for children aged 2-16 years. The application allows for easy to use navigation and parents can now work with their children to monitor and control their child’s daily calorie levels and exercise patterns with tools like the BMI Chart, Barcode Scanner and Exercise and Daily Food Counter. The application also provides the child with a starting balance of calories for the day. As the child performs an activity or consumes some food, that running balance is either increased or decreased based on calories burnt or calories consumed for the day.

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